Top Tip: Think in pictures

Written by Renee Sanchez

28 March 2023


Keep it visual: Create a memorable media event by helping your audience think through pictures

You’ve got news and you want everyone to know. The pressure is on to put together a memorable media event that will make a lasting impression. Asking reporters to listen to your organisation’s experts speak in front of a podium in a conference room is a big no-no. Instead, our PR consultant Renee Sanchez recommends offering visuals that will enhance your story and have a real impact on your audience.

Here are three tips for making the most of your media event:

  • What are we going to see? Let’s say for this example that you want to a do story about a new MedTech device. The audience needs to see the device and a demonstration, or perhaps a video of how it works. Remember that B-roll is your friend here. It’s okay to do most of the work for reporters because they’re under a deadline.
  • Make sure you find the human interest in your story. Who is speaking? Is it the scientist who invented the device? Is there a patient who can talk about how this device will help people like her? Selecting the right person, who can share your story passionately, can make the difference between a publication writing a big feature or a quick news summary.
  • Write like you talk and talk like a human being. Have your talking points ready, but you don’t need to get too technical during a presentation. That’s why you have white papers and other supporting resources. Reporters don’t necessarily care if you can talk like an expert. They will be more engaged if they hear a good story.

Your media event is not about you. It’s about the problems you can solve and giving the media something interesting to talk about. Have all your elements together. Whether you’re dealing with lots of media at once in person or talking to one reporter over email – deliver your visuals, great storytelling and supporting materials in one easy package.

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