Storytelling Top Tip – Too many cooks…

Written by Chris Hewitt

9 October 2023


There’s only one North Star…

While reviewing a client’s so-called North Star Narrative in a workshop the other day, it was evident that everyone in the room had contributed to it. By that I mean, it was complicated. Nothing missing.

So, I read it out loud to them and the looks on their faces said it all. In a bid to make sure they hadn’t left anything out, they ended up with a final draft that was far too complex to remember, let alone read. It was designed by a committee and was in desperate need of an edit – in this case, a re-write.

‘What is the ONE thing your brand stands for?’ I asked. Or better still with added drama: ‘What is the one thing your brand stands against?’ Then we made progress. A North Star should be singular, simple, emotional, and compelling. It should then be reinforced in lots of different and creative ways through your storytelling channels.

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