Who you are: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Written by Charley Lowther

9 February 2023


One of our Chief Storyteller, Chris Hewitt’s, top tips is ‘it’s not what you do, it’s who you are.’ Whether you make up a brand, an office or a team, the latter resonates on many different levels. In terms of storytelling, there is much which can come from it.  

A while ago I was introduced to the now international bestseller The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy. At the time, not many had heard of it, let alone felt its impact, but now the illustrations can be found across the world, from Comic Relief campaigns, to hospital walls and recently on the BBC as an animated short film.  

The latter is now Oscar-nominated. From a story developed through Whatsapp conversations with friends, the rise of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse has been rapid. Messages which appear simple offer wisdom to those of all ages. When looking at ‘who you are’ the book offers a hand in understanding, whether it be by relating to the lonely boy, the greedy mole, the wary fox or the gentle horse. 

Stories like this are important when it comes to who you are. Changing perception and outlook is at the heart, which also should be the case when it comes to PR, communications and brands. Ironically, communication is at the centre of this story and I would strongly recommend it to all.