How to set effective PR and marketing goals for 2023 

Written by James Ash

12 January 2023


2023 is here and while having new year’s resolutions may feel like a cliché, setting goals now can be a great measure of progress and success over the next 12 months. Targets also give us a reason to stay motivated and focused, but how can we go about setting them effectively? Here are a few tips: 

  • Make your targets measurable. Instead of simply saying “we want to grow our social media presence,” set a specific target, “we want to reach 200,000 followers on Twitter”.  This way you’ll have a clear benchmark to work towards. 
  • Set targets that are achievable but challenging. It’s important to stretch ourselves but it also helps to be realistic, so set a deadline for your targets. Having a specific date to work towards will help keep you on track and motivated. 
  • Write down your targets and review them regularly. Seeing your targets in writing will help you stay focused, and reviewing them regularly will help you make any necessary adjustment to stay on track. 

As you set goals for 2023, remember to be kind to yourself and your colleagues. You don’t necessarily need to  accomplish every goal you set – the important thing is to stay motivated and keep working towards your target. 

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Good luck, and if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you achieve your 2023 PR, branding and marketing goals please feel free to get in touch.