Humans of Berkeley – Heike

Written by Heike Hering-Haas

16 June 2023


I write a lot – but about myself? Rarely if ever. What story would I like to tell about myself? Fortunately, not one like Ernest Hemingway’s “For sale. Babyshoes. Never worn”.

No big dramas, but peppered with the ups and downs of life and everyday life. I’ll try an inner image.

I would say my story is like a river meandering in a wide riverbed – with deeper and shallower parts, sometimes flowing calmly and sometimes rushing, bubbling, full of energy – some streams flowing in, others seeping away.

I turned into the PR industry in this river of life at the beginning of the 2000s. Since then, I’ve been a consultant, content factory owner, blogger and storyteller, and I’m one of the original members of Berkeley Kommunikation (formerly known as essential media). For me, Berkeley Communications is a reliable source of inspiration, joy, belonging, input and, not least, financial sustenance.

My life flow is also fed by the love and bubbling energy of my family with my husband and three children. In recent years, the awareness of responsibility for other people has given rise to an ever stronger flow, which I have been giving space to for some years now: As a coach and companion of young people, so that they recognise their potential, develop it and set out on a sustainable path. Because what could be better than living good stories?

And I owe a lot of water in my river to the colourful springs of my life, which also constantly fill the bottoms of the valleys – singing, playing the flute, going to the flea market with my daughter, laughing at silly YouTube videos, swimming in the lake, travelling with family or friends, deep talk, dancing, meditation, flowers…. and and and…..

I wish the river to the sea will keep gushing for a long time!

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Who is your favourite storyteller? – Jan-Philipp Sendker, Listening to the Heart or Laetitia Colombani “The Braid”.

What would you sing on a karaoke night? Robby William “Love my life”

What is the most frequently used app on your smartphone? – What’s App

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