Storytelling top tips: create your own brand connection

Written by Chris Hewitt, Chief Storyteller

14 December 2021


In our series of storytelling tips, Berkeley’s chief storyteller, Chris Hewitt, shares his recommendations for ways to make the most of your business story, make copy come alive and connect with your audience. Here, Chris talks connections.

When you meet someone you really like for the first time, have you ever thought about why you feel a connection? According to psychologists, there are three typical characteristics of popular people. They are kind, conversational and charismatic.

And what makes a person popular can also work for a brand.

A kind brand is happy to give something back to their community or offer free advice.

A conversational brand engages by listening and asking thoughtful questions.

A charismatic brand is infectiously passionate about their purpose.

Why would someone be drawn to your brand? That’s the secret to your next piece of content.

See you next year!

Chris Hewitt

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