Storytelling top tips: Invest in a Pomodoro

Written by Chris Hewitt, Chief Storyteller

18 January 2022


In our series of storytelling tips, Berkeley’s chief storyteller, Chris Hewitt, shares his recommendations for ways to make the most of your business story, make copy come alive and connect with your audience. Here, Chris talks tomatoes.

If you’ve got an arduous writing task to do that you’re putting off, have a tomato.

Or, as an Italian would say, a Pomodoro.

In this context, the Pomodoro method is a productivity hack that beats procrastination by breaking down long tasks into 25 minutes chunks.

Crucially, you must set the timer for 25 minutes. Then break for five. Then repeat.

Why does it work? Because it can be quite daunting to face a long writing project. We tend to put off the task to avoid the negative feeling of uncertainty. And most writing has uncertainty in bucket loads.

I find the act of setting the timer galvanises my thoughts and I get much more writing done.

Too good to be true? Have a Pomodoro and see for yourself.

I’m off to put the kettle on. Back in five.

Chris Hewitt


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