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Storytelling: The real story of when Tiger came to tee

Written by Matt Smith

16 April 2019


Tiger Woods’ U.S. Masters’ triumph is one of the biggest comebacks ever, sporting or otherwise. It’s also a great reminder of what makes for a real story these days.

It’s his first major win in 11 years and since having four serious operations on his back. Recently, he’s been better known for troubles in his private life than his performance on the course.

Amazingly, the former world number 1 ranked 1,199 in November 2017.

And it’s a great template to apply when it comes to profiling your business in the media.

The heart of the real story

Unlike most stories we tell at Berkeley where we make it clear your business is NOT the hero – it’s the Alfred to your customers’ Batman, or the Q to their James Bond –  business profiling is the one time in PR when it should all be about you.

It’s where we aim to generate media coverage about your business’s story or the story of a key executive.

Woods is a prime example of how the struggle is the story, not the game of golf. It’s not about having the best score but climbing the highest mountain.

Read almost every article about Woods’ win and you’ll see the actual details of his performance are omitted. The only reference to golf is that he won the tournament.

The real story is his trials, tribulations, ups, downs and eventual triumph. Woods’ win has shown that his mistakes no longer define him but make him more relatable, showing what’s possible if you persevere.

I personally prefer the ‘human’ Woods, to the seemingly unstoppable ‘machine’ Woods of yesteryear. We all love an underdog.

So, when briefing your PR team on your business’s background, remember to give us the full story, warts and all.